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Patient Advocate vs. Research Advocate


Patient Advocate

Research Advocate


  • Support patients and their loved ones
  • Raise awareness and/or funds
  • Provide patient perspective on research to generate better LC outcomes

Typical Activities

  • Talk with patients about their cancer experience and treatment challenges
  • Create and manage  support groups
  • Act as a liaison between patients, clinicians and family members
  • Share personal story to raise awareness or funds for research, support, advocacy
  • Educate local groups about cancer experience and care
  • Provide resources and services to patients and family (e.g., rides to treatment)
  • Share, moderate, curate on social media
  • Raise awareness of cancer events, treatment advancements, and the need for funding
  • Learn about lung cancer science and research
  • Interact and communicate effectively and appropriately with researchers, regulators, industry, and government agencies
  • Represent and share patient perspectives for ALL lung cancer patients (not just those with your type or stage of lung cancer or personal characteristics)
  • Participate in grant reviews, Institutional Review Boards, patient advisory boards for pharma
  • Provide feedback on research questions and design 
  • Know when it is NOT appropriate to share some or all of your cancer story