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Review Process

Initial Review

Applications for all grants are first reviewed and scored by members of the IASLC's Career Development and Fellowship Committee. Using a nine-point rating scale adapted from the NIH's grant rating scale, reviewers score applications based on the criteria listed. 

Each application receives a score from each judge (three per application) on the following areas of the application:

Application Section

Review Criteria

Statement of Significance

  • Is the proposal original?
  • Will these results significantly improve the application of knowledge of lung cancer?

Applicant Statement

  • Is the candidate committed to a career in lung cancer research?
  • Does the candidate have the necessary training related to the project proposed?

Project Background

  • Are the project’s hypotheses strong and testable?
  • Is the project relevant to the program's stated funding priorities? 

Specific Aims

  • Are the specific aims reasonable?


  • Is the methodology reasonable to accomplish the objectives?


  • Can the project be completed in the time frame specified by the award?

Each application also receives an overall score from each reviewer on the following criteria:

  • Potential of the candidate
    • Is the candidate committed to a career in lung cancer research?
    • Does the candidate have strong letters of support?
  • Scientific Merit of the project
    • Is the proposal original? 
    • Does the project address a problem that needs to be solved?
  • Significance of the project
    • Will these data stimulate further scientific research into lung cancer?
    • Will the results of this study improve upon our knowledge of lung cancer and/or create new applications of current therapies?
  • Strength of the PI/Mentor and Institutional support
    • Is the applicant's Principal Investigator/Mentor dedicated to assisting in the execution and completion of the project?
    • Is the applicant's Principal Investigator/Mentor of good standing in the field of lung cancer research?
    • Does the institution have the necessary resources to support the project?

The maximum number of points awarded by each reviewer is 90 (9 points available for each of the scoring criteria listed above). The maximum number of total points awarded to an application (total of points from all reviewers, also known as the Total Score) is 270.

Final Round Review (Partnership Grants only)

After the first round of review, the top candidates for Partnership Grants (LCFA, etc.) will move forward into a final round of review by a Scientific Affairs Committee or other committee convened by the Partner Organization for the purpose of selecting grant recipients or approving the selections made by the first round review team. .