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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for a grant?

Refer to the Grant Guidelines (links in the top menu navigation) for each available grant to determine your eligibility to apply.

What are the differences in the grants the IASLC offers?

IASLC Fellowships & Young Investigator Grants are in the amount of USD 50,000 and are meant to support a research project that may be completed within one year.  

Partnership Grants are typically 2-year grants, and the amount of funding varies, depending on the partnership agreement. 

Please refer to the Grant Guidelines to confirm details.

Where can I find the general terms and conditions of the grant I am applying for?

Please review the Grant Guidelines and the Terms and Conditions page. 

What is the grant review process?

An international scientific review panel of members of the IASLC evaluates the applications for their merit, innovation and potential impact on the management of lung cancer. Check out the Review Process for more specific information. 

Can I apply for more than one grant at a time?

Yes, however, you may only accept one grant per funding cycle.

Can I reapply for a grant if I am not selected?

Yes, if you still fit the eligibility requirements in the grant guidelines.

Are all the awards offered internationally?

All IASLC grants are international, but some of our Partnership Grants may be specific to a certain region, depending on the funding requirements of the Partner Organization.

Please review the Grant Guidelines to determine whether the specific award you are applying for is international.

How are the funds distributed?

Grant funds are paid directly to the institution for the benefit of the individual who is awarded. The grant is then administered by his or her affiliated organization/sponsoring institution. The IASLC does not pay any funds directly to any individual applicant.

How may the grant funding be used? 

IASLC Grant funds may be used at the discretion of the recipient for salary, fringe benefits, conference attendance/travel and necessary expenses to facilitate his or her research. Funds may not be used for indirect costs, institutional overhead, or the purchase of permanent equipment.

If you are applying for a Partner Grant, please review the Grant Guidelines to determine the funding rules for the specific grant you are applying for. 

Where do I send my application package once complete?

All applications must be submitted via the online Research Grants portal. The IASLC will not accept mailed or emailed applications.

I am conducting research at a governmental institution (such as the NIH). Can I apply for a grant?

Yes, if the institution is a nonprofit academic institution. Individuals doing research at a for-profit organization are not eligible.

Please review the Grant Guidelines to determine whether the specific grant you are applying for has any different eligibility criteria.

Does each application need a different Principal Investigator?

Each application for a Fellowship Grant must be supported by a Principal Investigator, and a Principal Investigator may support only one candidate per funding cycle.

Applications for Young Investigator Grants do not require support from a separate Principal Investigator. 

I am currently enrolled in a PhD program. Can I apply for a Young Investigator Grant?

If the PhD program is part of your MD, PhD program, you must provide a letter from your Program Director to confirm the program structure. This letter should be on official letterhead and may be sent as a PDF to foundation@iaslc.org prior to submitting your application.

Otherwise, if selected to receive a Young Investigator Grant, you must have completed your PhD before the grant period starts.

My medical license is currently inactive. Can I still apply for the Young Investigator Grant?

You may apply if you submit a letter from your Program Director stating that you will have a valid medical license to conduct your study by the start of the grant period. This letter should be on official letterhead and may be sent as a PDF to foundation@iaslc.org prior to submitting your application.

What can I do if I need further clarification about the IASLC's Research Grants?

Please email foundation@iaslc.org or call the Foundation staff at 720-598-1952.